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A decentralized Insurance platform powered by blockchain technology, connecting billions of citizens of Earth.
Insure Network
Our Vision

We aim to disrupt and innovate the currently standing non-efficient, expensive and frustrating insurance industry with a proper adoption of blockchain technology, smart contract, and AI. Honesty is no longer an option to choose. It is immutably anchored deeply into the system and on the platform with the integrity of data provided by the fundamental feature of the blockchain. With significant reduction of costs in verification and networking processes, transparency, good intents and the collaboration of hidden key talents around the globe, we intend to develop a brand-new designed insurance marketplace in a decentralized fashion that fairly incentivizes every player on the platform. Policy holders will no longer worry. Adopting incumbents will be awarded with higher profit than ever. Investors will be happy as well. Stop being ignorant and contribute yourself to a revolution where this triatomic beneficial ecosystem will provide more protective and fairly priced policies for citizens of earth and our future, our kids.
Blockchain powered digital platform that benefits investors, customers, and insurance designers.
Data Integrity
All records of settlement transactions are recorded on Ethereum blockchain. All records are open to public for constant audit, providing transparency.
Crowdfunded funds for anticipated loss
Majority of profits from insurance products will be given back to investors who contributed to the crowdfunding.
Faster claims process
With proper adoption of smart contract, claims process has become faster. Claims processes for some insurance products has instant payout feature.
Cheaper insurance policy
With proper adoption of blockchain technology, we are able to design cheaper insurance products.
Product quality assured
Insurance products are voted by INR token holders to be listed on our platform.
Worldwide Coverage
With internet connection, the protection under insurance policy is provided wherever you are located without borders.
Insure Network Marketplace Design
Insure Network
Roadmap 2018 - 2020
Nov. 2018
Nov. 2018
Platform Design settled
30th of Dec. 2018
30th of Dec. 2018
Token Economy designed & issued
Insure Network Token (INR)
- A single token represents a fractional ownership of Insure Network Platform
- INR ownership gets you right to get a share from our net profit.
- ST-20, an extension of ERC-20
- Compliant to US SEC guideline
- Dividend-paying Security Token with Utility Feature
- Token Contract: 0x0c8680135446be0b34de4eee4ca1e4ae77d858a7

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 INR
1st of Jan. 2019
1st of Jan. 2019
Insure Network Whitepaper released
Q1 2019
Q1 2019
Initial Recruitment & Partnership settle
First Round of Airdrop for community build-up
Security Token Offering (STO): Seed Stage
Token price: $0.10/INR
Bonus applied at Seed Stage: 100%
Number of INR offered at Seed Stage: 20.000.000 INR

Check Insure Network Fundraising Strategy for details
Q2 2019
Q2 2019
Further Recruitment&Partnerships settle
Second round of Airdrop for community enforcement
Security Token Offering (STO): Public Stage
Token price: $0.10/INR
Bonus applied at Public Offering Stage: 0%
Number of INR offered at Public Offering Stage: 479.000.000 INR
Q3 2019
Q3 2019
Prototype launch with Smart Contract security test
Consideration of INR exchange listing
Q4 2019
Q4 2019
Official Platform launch
Initiate Worldwide Marketing
Insure Network
Insure Network Whitepaper released
Version 0.4
U.S. insurance industry net premiums written totaled
$1.2 trillion in 2017-2018
With premiums recorded by life/health (L/H) insurers accounting for 52 percent,
and premiums by property/casualty (P/C) insurers accounting for 48 percent, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence.
Insure Network
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